3 Ways a Virtual Assistant Can Help Your Business Grow: Bookkeeping, Writing and Editing, and Data EntryWhat if you could outsource some of your most important (and most time-consuming) work when it comes to running your business? Would you be able to earn more, grow your company, and make a bigger name for yourself?

Absolutely! In fact, by outsourcing three big tasks – minor bookkeeping, writing and editing, and data entry – you can free up valuable hours on your schedule each week. Then, you can use those hours to do work that actually grows your business rather than holding you back. Here’s a closer look at how a virtual assistant can help you with these tasks so you’re free to focus on moving forward.

3 Ways a Virtual Assistant Can Help Your Business Grow

When you outsource tasks that take your time but don’t actually pay the bills, such as bookkeeping, writing and editing, and data entry, you’re free to focus on developing strategies to grow your business or produce products and render services. You can use those valuable hours productively, in ways that help increase customer satisfaction and increase demand. Here’s what you need to know.

Using a Virtual Assistant to Help You With Bookkeeping

Your virtual assistant can handle minor bookkeeping tasks like reconciling your accounts, preparing invoices, and tracking payments. This work is important, but it doesn’t require your time or expertise. By handling these tasks, your virtual assistant will free up valuable hours on your schedule so you can focus on developing new marketing strategies or researching products and services you can offer to increase revenue.

Your assistant can do everything from setting up PayPal accounts and setting up subscription services to recording accounts payable and accounts receivable for you. She can also keep your billing schedules on track, send payment reminders to your customers and clients, and so much more. And if there’s a bookkeeping service you need that your assistant doesn’t provide (such as taxes or payroll), she can connect you with professionals who can help.

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Using a Virtual Assistant to Help You With Writing and Editing

You don’t need to spend hours drafting form letters and routine emails, creating newsletters, or formatting documents in programs you’re unfamiliar with when you have the world’s best virtual assistant. Your assistant can handle all kinds of writing tasks, including product descriptions, blog posts, and social media updates. She can also help you edit documents so they’re error-free before you send them out, whether you’re putting together an e-book, brochures, or website content.

Your assistant can even help you with the copy and content on your website. And just like all other services, if there’s something your virtual assistant can’t do, she can quickly and easily connect you with other experts in the field so you don’t have to worry about a thing.

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Using a Virtual Assistant to Help You With Data Entry and Other Rote Tasks

A great virtual assistant can handle all the things you can throw at her, including data entry tasks (and other jobs you find pretty boring and time-consuming). Whether you’re putting information together for reports and white papers or you need someone to help you maintain your customer database, your assistant can take care of it.

Your virtual assistant can even help you with the less-than-fun tasks that are essential for keeping your business running smoothly. She can handle scheduling appointments, booking travel, and managing your calendar. (She can do all this without breaking a sweat so you’re free to work on what’s most important: implementing your vision for your business.)

When you have a virtual assistant taking care of the time-consuming tasks that don’t actually grow your business, you can really make things happen.

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