Why Promote Your Business

on Facebook and Instagram?

Straight up? With nearly 2 billion active monthly users, if you aren’t using it…you are losing customers. Mic Drop!

“Why?” AND “How?” You ask, and “How is this different from Organic Social Media Posting?”

Well, with Facebook/Instagram ads – targeted ads, you are able to:

WGSD Virtual Assistant Services FB Ads Management - Why Promote on Facebook

Get More Customers Utilizing Facebook Advertising Without Depleting Your Budget!

As a fellow business owner, I know you don’t have a lot of time or money to waste. So what’s the most effective, efficient and creative way to get those leads and conversion? Honestly – the most bang for your buck will be in utilizing social media ads – specifically Facebook/Instagram ads.

Your Customers ARE on Facebook & Instagram!

Again – the fastest way to grow your business is with Facebook & Instagram ads.

With over 1 billion active users each and every (I know, crazy – right? But it’s true!) your customers are all but guaranteed to be on Facebook and Instagram.

You Will Reach MORE Customers

Promote your business front and center in your customer’s news feed – 1.23 BILLION people visit their news feed EVERY DAY.

We make it sound so simple? Well, it’s not THAT simple, that’s why you’re here . . . . .

Have you tried to do this on your own and been not so happy with the results? I can understand that for sure. Facebook & Instagram ads are their own “animal” so to speak, that’s why you’re better off handing over the reigns to someone who knows how to do this. It’s all about quality, not quantity (I know you have heard that before, but it really is true!) Turn the reigns over to us and let us take care of this for you – it’s what we do!

Why haven’t you been using Facebook & Instagram ads to grow your business?

Does this sound familiar?

  • Your Ads don’t get approved?
  • You worry about depleting your budget without seeing a return on your investment?
  • You struggle with knowing how much to spend or how often to advertise?

We Can Take All of Those Worries Away!

What does WGSD do when we manage your ad account?
What is in the Secret Super Yummy Magical Awesome Sauce?WGSD Virtual Assistant Services FB Ads Management - What We Do

So, once more for the people in the back –

The most specific, trackable, effective, and efficiently creative platform on the planet, with the best leverage and ROI is …… Facebook & Instagram

Because……. when you advertise on Facebook/Instagram, you can get really specific on who sees your ads so you know you aren’t wasting money, time, or effort on viewers that have no interest in your product or services. If they are viewing it – they ARE your people. The super advanced tracking capability that gets tied to clicks can bring you the revenue you are looking for.

Let WGSD take all the guesswork out of this process & do the heavy lifting for you with effective and creative ads that are optimized to bring in more clients at a profitable return while managing the behind the scenes FB/IG work for you!

Facebook/Instagram Ads
& Strategy Packages

For every package, in addition to all the Secret Super Yummy Magical Awesome Sauce we mentioned above,
(the “What We Do”), here is what you get…………

  • Initial Complimentary Discovery Call.
  • After you Say “Hell Yeah, This is for ME! – 60 Minute Strategy Call.

  • Customized Proposal Specific to You and Your needs – It is ALL About You!

  • On-Boarding Packet with In-depth Targeting Questionnaire (Honey Do List) & Secret Invite to our Teamwork Client Platform (okay, not really secret, but super cool way to see what’s going on and communicate with us).

Month to Month

$ 149900*MONTHLY*
  • *Prices starting at $1449/month PLUS Ad Budget Spend
  • If you are testing the waters & not ready for a retainer commitment (no judgement – we ALL have commitment issues – right?) This is a good way to dip your toe in the water.
  • – A/B Split Test Images & Copy Target Audience
  • -Creation of Images & Copy
  • – Landing Pages Review with Feedback/Recommendations
  • – Pixel Code Installation & Review
  • – Management & Optimization of Campaign and Ads – up to 30 Days

3 Month Retainer

  • *Prices starting at $1199/month PLUS Ad Budget Spend
  • You TOTALLY understand the reasoning behind this & don't have a doubt – you are a "jump in & swim till you get to the other side" kind of person – you know we got you!
  • TWO** AD CAMPAIGNS with AD SET & ADS: ** – Dependent on Ad Spend Budget
  • – A/B Split Test Images & Copy Target Audience
  • – Landing Pages Review with Feedback/Recommendations
  • – Creation of Images & Copy
  • – Pixel Code Installation & Review
  • – Management & Optimization of Campaign and Ads – up to 30 Days each month
  • – Monthly Strategy/Check In Call/Meeting – 60 minutes
  • – Final Progress Report with all the juicy details that make you smile

Launch Mode - 3 Month Launch

  • *Prices starting at $599/week PLUS Ad Budget Spend for 8 Weeks
  • For clients that have Launch Products/Courses & no time to breathe – THIS ONE is for YOU, cause yeah – you are definitely down the rabbit hole now. Hand over the reigns, take a few breaths, grab a latte or a juice (or hey – a Tequila – We Do Not Judge!)
  • Customized Facebook Ad Launch Schedule
  • – A/B Split Test Images & Copy Target Audience
  • – Creation of Images & Copy
  • – Landing Pages Review with Feedback/Recommendations
  • – Pixel Code Installation and Review
  • – Manage & Optimize for Entire Launch Period or 12 Weeks, whichever comes first
  • – Weekly Strategy/Check In Meeting
  • – Final Progress Report with all the juicy details that make you smile

But Wait, There’s More
(Isn’t There Always?)

Organic Social Media Add – On Exclusive!

Organic Social Media Add-On Exclusive

  • We offer a discounted monthly Add-On Package exclusively for our Facebook Ads Clients. What does that get you? (Cause, yeah, we know it’s all about the Perks!)
  • – 8 Social Media Posts for Facebook & Instagram
  • – We will pair this content with the necessary Graphics or Stock Images
  • – Post these for you at the best day & time for your business and optimum engagement
  • Need Something a Little Beefier? Let Us Know and We Will Create Something Different Just for You!

Not Sure Which Facebook/Instagram
Ads Management Package You Need?

Not sure where to begin?  Do you need something different but don’t see quite what you want? Need something bigger or with different options?  Something smaller with different options?  Something not exactly like what you see, but close?  (This is what happens when you haven’t had your coffee yet…. Hmm, um, no – that’s just me)

Okay, I’ll go grab a cup of coffee and you think about what you want and then let’s get together and make a new plan just for you!