Got Business Growing Pains?

The Struggle is REAL!


“Solve It With Systems” Exclusive VIP Day

This is a 6 – 8 Hour, One-on-One Intensive Perfect for YOU if you are struggling to create & implement an effective and efficient Project Management System.

Finally get your business operations organized and working FOR you!

Imagine if you will, (said in my best Rod Serling Voice) . . . . . a world where you have all of your business systems and standard operating procedures in one centralized hub, with workflows and templates and tasks – OH MY!

You can automatically send out that follow up email with the link for the form that needs to be filled out, and then . . . . . like magic . . . . . a confirmation or thank you is sent to the client with another link to schedule the next call with you. And guess what – the new project and the tasks that are necessary for that new client – all set up . . . . . and assigned to your team member already – WHAT?! Oh, and the client is super happy because they have already been invited to your super cool client portal where they can see what’s going on and upload files and info for their project with you! What Bizarro World are you living in, what madness has ensued?

No . . . . . you are not in the Twilight Zone, you’re not even in Oz . . . . . You have FINALLY found your way home – to your very own business world where you are the main character and hero because . . . . . You invested in a Solve It With Systems Exclusive VIP Day!

Okay, maybe a little dramatic – I’ll give you that, BUT – you know you totally were diggin the whole “All The Things Getting Done” part of that for sure.

Normally it would take you literally days to weeks to research and figure out what kind of systems and applications you would need, workflow, projects, templates, tasks, email and canned replies, even marketing and invoicing. Then you would have to learn it all and teach your team members how to use it. I mean hey, if you have time for that – great, but now ask yourself this: What is it going to cost you – for the trial and error of applications that may or may not work for you, what about all the time you are spending trying to figure it all out? DIY is great of you have nothing else to do, but we all know….Time IS Money. Wouldn’t you rather enlist the help of a Pro and get it all Done in a Day? Isn’t that the most efficient AND Cost Effective way to do things? Just sayin………

So…..think about this and let me know – does any of this sound familiar?

  • Your leads are coming in faster than you can handle but you have no SOP to follow up & follow through in a timely manner?

  • You converted that new lead into a new client but have no onboarding process, so you’re scrambling to get emails sent & files set up?

  • You need help streamlining your systems? creating templates, tasks, workflows.

  • You need a place for your team or employees to get all of their information.

  • Do you have to communicate with other team members and follow through on their tasks and projects?

  • How about a client portal that works seamlessly with your system and email for client support?

  • Is your invoicing integrated? Scheduling? Email systems?


You NEED Help!

When your business is growing but you don’t have the time to learn, create and implement all of “THE THINGS” that keep the gears moving and your backend running seamlessly – YOU HAVE GROWING PAINS – Your business has grown so fast you can’t keep up with it unless you sacrifice something (time, money, clients, work/life balance, sanity). The Struggle IS Real!

Help is here! With a One-on-One 6 – 8 Hour intensive VIP Day, we will work together utilizing my unique and super efficient 4 Point Framework to create and implement all of “THE THINGS” it will take to Solve it With Systems.

Solve It With Systems 4 Point Framework


Why A VIP Day?

As a fellow business owner, I know you don’t have a lot of time or money to waste. So what’s the most effective, efficient and creative way to get your systems created, streamlined and up and running so you can get back to your business? An exclusive VIP Day crafted specifically for you and your business needs!

We both know you don’t have time for the constant back and forth and waiting for replies and struggling with the DIY stuff. But, your business is growing and you need to be able to keep everything moving along smoothly for YOUR clients.

You need a system not only for the day to day running of your business, but something that will allow your team or employees to stay on task while allowing for a client portal and project management hub. I got you!


Something Has Got to Change!

Cha Cha Changes….

Skip the waiting list for my course and let’s get YOUR business in gear with systems and processes to make everything run like a well-oiled machine! You are welcome to even have your team or VA or OBM join in on the day and let’s get it Done in a Day!


Date Availability is Limited

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OK, So . . . What Do I Get?

What is My Investment?

Read On For All The Details!

  • Initial 30 Minute Discovery Call to review your VIP Application and Confirm Solve It With Systems is a good fit for you.
  • On-Boarding Packet with In-depth Questionnaire.

  • After We Say “Hell Yeah, A VIP Day is Soooooo For You!” – 60 Minute Strategy Call to review your onboarding info and discuss your needs and wants. We will also discuss any questions that you may have and we will go over next steps to get the machine in gear.

  • A Customized Proposal Specific to You & Your needs – It is ALL About You & Your Business and Solving Your Pain Points with Systems!

  • See Below for More Info & Details

Solve It With Systems Exclusive VIP Day

$149500One Time Investment
  • 6 – 8 Hour One on One Intensive with Lisa Includes:
  • Onboarding & Specialized Proposal Just for You and Your Business Needs (Utilizing my 4 Point Framework)
  • Constant Support & Availability ALL Day via Skype, or Zoom, or Google or Whatever Method Works Best For You
  • Determine the Best Systems for YOUR Needs and Help you Aquire Them
  • Creation, Set Up, and Implementation of Your New Systems and Framework
  • Included in the Creation & Set Up:
  • Creation of Processes & Workflow
  • Creation of Templates & Tasks
  • Creation of Onboarding Procedures
  • Creation of Canned Copy for Emails, Replies, and Issues
  • Set Up Your Business Hub With All of all of Your Business Info, Maintaining Brand Continuity Throughout
  • Train You (and whoever want to join you – 5 additional people max)
  • 60 Minute Follow Up Call for Last Minute Questions, Concerns, Help, etc.
  • After your VIP Day – I am Always Available for Client Support – You WON’T Be Left High and Dry!

But Wait, There’s More
(Isn’t There Always?)

You’ll Have Some Prep Work To Do – Teamwork Makes The Dream Work Baby!

YOUR MISSION (Insert Mission Impossible Theme Song Here)

  • So, there is some work to be done behind the scenes so we can be ready for our big day. I can not be effective or complete my mission if you don’t complete yours first. Your mission, should you choose to accept, will include the following and be performed over the course of 2 weeks prior to our meeting.
  • Pre-Work Questionaire
  • Listing of ALL of Your Existing Resources, Procedures, Templates, Tasks, Etc.
  • A List of the Processes You Want Created
  • Gather All of Your Company Branding/Logos, etc. in Digital Format