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Logos and Brochures and Posts Oh My!

WGSD actually is legit trained in Graphic Design – not a self taught situation here, but an actual BFA in Graphic Design, and trained old school to boot – before computers were mainstream – crazy, right?!

Pricing for Graphic Design & Creative Services varies according to your needs.

Please schedule a chat time so we may determine your needs and find something to fit your specifications.

Logo Design

If you don’t already have one for your business, you will definitely need one! We can custom create one just for you or revamp an existing design. We will ask you a ton of questions to get the right vibe and feel for your logo design and provide you with a variety of formats for your needs.

Corporate Branding

We help to create or maintain your Corporate Branding throughout every aspect of your business. We will create and/or help you implement your brand internally, and externally across print & digital media allowing you to present a cohesive and well understood & defined business presence.

Branding /Mood Boards

I know, some of you may be saying “what the heck is a branding board?” Well, basically it is a design board that incorporates your logo design with the colors and typography that best represents you and your brand. We create a beautiful graphic presentation for you that can be utilized any time you need to have any work done. This board will have your logo, tagline if applicable, any specific little design widgets, logo variations, etc. as well as specific type-fonts, colors with hex codes, and inspirational images that represent your brand. This helps you maintain a continuity for your business brand.


Sometimes you just need a good Infographic! When plain old words just won’t cut it, a clever, logical, well thought out roadmap of your idea may be just what you need for your website, fb ad, brochure, e-book, etc. – you get the idea. What is it that they say? “A picture is worth a thousand words” ? Yep – totally true sometimes!

Slide Decks, E-Books, Presentations, Email Design

Slide Decks – When you have a brand new course created that you need to present or a huge presentation, slide deck to the rescue! Really just a more modern term for a power point-esque presentation all prettied up and made more efficient.
E-Books & Presentations – can be in PDF or even Flip-Book formats – super cool way to present by the way.
Email Design – When you have to send out your mass email messages, there’s no reason for them to be boring and ugly. All the cool kids are using designed emails to reach their clients and target their niche audiences – it’s like a beautiful magazine ad with your personalized and specific message delivered right to your client’s inbox.

Social Media Custom Covers & Graphics

Ah, the dreaded big empty blank space on your social media pages – it’s enough to make you want to cry! Well, maybe not that drastic, but still…… We create these for you with your logo, branding and style implemented to put the best YOU in front of your public. Need graphics for your posts and/or ads? Yep – we got that.

Business Cards, Brochures, Flyers, Etc.

Although we are a mostly digital world, there are still plenty of instances where you will need an actual printed piece to hand out to your clients and prospective clients. Your printed pieces should be as beautiful and effective as your digital pieces. From design to print, we can get you all squared away.

Some Examples of Our Work

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