Solve It With Systems Exclusive VIP Day Application

Solve It With Systems VIP Day Application

Please answer the following questions to see if you are a good fit for an Exclusive Solve it With Systems VIP Day, thank you!

  • Name, First and Last Please
  • What is the most frequently checked email that you use?
  • What is your Cell/Mobile Phone #
  • What is the Office/Other Phone #
  • What is the name of your Company/Business
  • Do you have a website that we will be working with? If so, what is the URL? (your actual website)
  • Business Category - What kind of Business are you, please provide a brief description
  • Do you currently have a Project Management Application in Place? If so, what application and for how long have you been using it? Are you happy with it?
  • What are your specific goals that you want to achieve with a VIP Day?
  • Is the VIP Day for ONLY you or multiple people. If multiple, how many??
  • Do you utilize the services of a VA or OBM? (they are welcome to join so they can help you maintain your systems in the future).
  • Please List any Platforms or Applications that are required or that you use in your day to day business currently. In addition, please indicate any that you would like us to try for you.
  • Please tell us anything else that you feel would be helpful or pertinent to your needs so we may better serve you.
  • Any questions you may have - Put them here for me please and I will get you some answers, thanks!