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WGSD Virtual Assistant Services gives you back invaluable time while navigating tasks and projects that are either too mundane, too time consuming, or out of your expertise range while allowing you to focus on your main goal(s) and still be profitable & successful in your business.

Our clientele is full of fun and exciting personalities, including entrepreneurs, business and lifestyle coaches, local businesses, online businesses, corporate clients, website designers, real estate professionals and so many more – life is never dull, the virtual world is always changing and growing and our services allow our clients to change and grow with it.

Read below to see some of the services we can help you with!

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Meet the WGSD Team

Lisa Spampinato Virtual Assistant

Lisa Spampinato

Founder, CIC

Hi, I’m Lisa Spampinato, the Founder and Chick in Charge at WGSD Virtual Assistant Services LLC; AKA Badass/Doer of All Things.  I am a Get it Done kind of gal with a love for all things process & organization.  I am a total Geek Girl with a thirst for knowledge, a love of all animals, & a constant need for espresso (and answers).  I always want to hear what YOU think & need, but I will always tell it to you straight cause that’s how I roll.  (I sound so tough, right? – Ha!)

Sydney Lahowin Virtual Assistant

Sydney Lahowin

Social Media, Instagram Photography, Brand & Lifestyle Influencer

Hi my name is Sydney Lahowin! I am a graduate of University of Nevada, Las Vegas where I studied Hospitality and Event Management. My favorite things to do are swimming with friends, going to the gym, and  growing my photography and social media ventures.  I’m an Instagram Brand & Lifestyle Influencer, Social Media Manager & IG Photgrapher living my best life!  I have the CUTEST puppies in the world that I spend most of my days with when I am not working.

Sydney Lahowin Virtual Assistant

Matthew Spampinato

Social Media Manager, SEO, PPC Ad Strategist & Marketing

Hi my name Matthew Spampinato, you can call me Matt!  Yep, I’m the boss’s son, BUT, I promise she treats me like any other employee – no special advantages here.  I’m the guy behind the scenes writing social media content and creating graphics.  I’ve got a background in small business admin and marketing and am currently honing my skills in PPC Ads Strategy, SEO, and AI Bots to bring even more to the table at WGSD.  When I’m not working, I’m hanging out with the family dogs (a full time job in itself lol), and gaming – (Civilization V is one of my faves).

Angie Johnston Copywriter UniqueWebCopy.com

Angie Johnston

SEO Samurai & Content Creator

I’ve been formally trained as a journalist, and I’ve covered breaking news, written human interest stories, and crafted compelling copy for businesses large and small. As a freelance copywriter, I’ve created press releases that have earned national attention, website copy that engages and motivates customers to act (and buy!) and hundreds upon hundreds of blog posts that help my clients stand out as leaders in their fields.

Charra Hammett Real Estate Website Designer

Charra Hammett

Wordpress Website Designer & Developer

Just consider me a woman of many talents! From CEO of my own company (YourSiteNeedsMe) to WordPress Website Designer & SEO Specialist, I am a Master Web Jedi (The FORCE is STRONG in This One)! I am sarcastically optimistic in everything I do and I love helping clients design awesome websites while having fun at the same time!

Paulette Gallagher

Paulette Gallagher

Accounting & Quickbooks Pro

Give me all the details and then let me work my magic!  I am an accounting professional, certified as a Quickbooks Pro Advisor and I have a proven track record of achieving maximum accuracy, efficiency and productivity.  I say what I mean and I mean what I say (with a smile on my face of course)!


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